Welcome to Don Bosco Hotel School

The Don Bosco Hotel School, created and managed by the Don Bosco Foundation, is a unique concept in Cambodia:

  • It is at the same time a star quality hotel with an international restaurant
  • And a professional school educating and training Cambodia’s disadvantaged youth for the hospitality industry and a better life.


Certificate of Excellence


In being our guest you will help and promote Cambodian education.
Your presence is a gift to our students.

Excellence: Two years in a row

The Don Bosco Hotel School is proud to add a second Tripadvisor award of Excellence to our wall.


TIBA: The International Butler Academy

The International Butler Academy is proud to be sponsor of the Don Bosco Hotel School in Cambodia. Through an internship program we are actively involved in the human resources of the Don Bosco Hotel School.

The International Butler Academy (TIBA), located in The Netherlands, is a unique, exclusive and professional butling and house management school. The International Butler Academy provides its graduates with the best possible qualifications for entering the butling and private service profession. We offer superb training that provides an introduction into a career which should last a lifetime. The International Butler Academy turns out skilled professionals who meet and exceed the demands of the twenty-first century. They are proud to be the finest butling service training institute in the world.

An agreement between Don Bosco Hotel School and TIBA has been signed early in 2013. TIBA will send graduate students to Don Bosco Hotel School for further improvement of the theoretical and practical education in order to achieve excellence.

For more information, please consult TIBA’s web-site: www.butlerschool.com.logo