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The Don Bosco Hotel School, created and managed by the Don Bosco Foundation, is a unique concept in Cambodia:

    • It is at the same time a star quality hotel with an international restaurant And a professional school
    • educating and training Cambodia’s disadvantaged youth for the hospitality industry and a better life.
  • Certificate of Excellence

Don Bosco Hotel School


In being our guest you will help and promote Cambodian education.

Terrace King
$40.00 a night

A modern hotel room in Star HotelRoom size: 25 m² Beds: 1 king size bed This twin room features a bathrobe, tile/marble floor and air conditioning."

  • TV
  • 1 king size bed
  • Safety Deposit Box,
  • Exclusive Breakfast
  • Bath or Shower
  •  Refrigerator
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deluxe room
Deluxe Double
$55.00a night

A modern hotel room in Star HotelBalcony, view, T, Safety box, Air Conditioning, SeatingArea, Safa,Tile/Marble floor...etc.

  • Safety Deposit Box
  • Balcony
  • Air Conditioning
  • Bathroom
  • Exclusive Breakfast
  • Wake-up service
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Superior King
$35.00a night

A modern hotel room in Star HotelSafety Deposit Box, Air Conditioning, Desk,  Tile/Marble floor, Wardrobe/Closet,  Bathrobe, Free toiletries, Toilet,  Slippers, TV, Refrigerator,  Wake-up service

  • Refrigerator
  • Air Conditioning
  • Safety Deposit Box
  • Excluded Breafast
  • Free toiletries
  • Wake-up service
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Pool view cottage
$ 90a night

A modern bungalo room A/C cottage, flat screen LCD TV, fridge, Hot water, seating area and private bathroom. floor, Wardrobe/Closet, Bathrobe, Free toiletries, Toilet, Slippers, Bath or Shower, Refrigerator

  • flat screen LCD TV
  • exclude Breakfast
  •  Air Conditioning
  • Refrigerator
  • fridge
  • Hot water
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Standard Twin
$30.00a night

A modern hotel room in Star HotelThe room is size: 25 m² Beds: 1 king size bed This twin room features a bathrobe, tile/marble floor and air conditioning

  • TV
  • Wake-up service
  • Refrigerator
  • Wardrobe/Closet
  • Exclusive Breakfast
  • Tile/Marble floor,
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standard single room
Standard Single Room
$ 25a night

A modern hotel room in Star Hotel"Room facilities: Safety Deposit Box, Air Conditioning, Desk,  Tile/Marble floor, Wardrobe/Closet, Bathrobe, Free toiletries,  Toilet, Slippers, TV, Refrigerator, Wake-up service"

  • Flat screen TV
  • Excluded Breakfast
  • Air-con
  • Hot water
  • slipper
  • closet
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Khmer Cookery Classes

Our classes conduct from Monday to Friday
The price is $30 per person
(included visit market)


Email: reserve@donboscohotelschool.com
Phone: (+855) 16 919 834


Payment Policy

The guest request to pay upon arrival



Star opening from 6:30 Am to 9:30, for breakfast, you can enjoy a convenient choice of set menu plus $ 6.00 per person or select your choice with A Lan Cart menu ( dinner, breakfast, Lunch) charge items.



 10% off



Sihanoukville is Cambodia‘s main beach resort town, featuring kilometers of white sand beaches and all-year-round warm and crystal-clear sea water. The most popular beaches are Occheuteal and Serendipity, usually crowded during the week-ends. Sihanoukville is also surrounded by many tropical islands, most of them (still) unhabited. The town lies also near the Preah Sihanouk National Park (15 km) , the Bokor Mountain National Park (140 km), the Sre Ambel National Park (45 km) , the Prey Nob Mangrove Swamp (20 km) , places where wild animals and rare birds can still be spotted.BeachesOccheuteal Beach and Serendipity Beach: Occheuteal Beach is a long and narrow strip of beach lined with Casuarina trees, grass umbrellas, rental chairs and little drink huts. The northern section has become known as Serendipity Beach and is a popular beach with foreign tourists, noted for small guesthouse rooms right on the beach. Aside from these guest houses on the beach there are around 30 beach huts serving good value meals and a wide selection of drinks.Otres Beach: can be found a few kilometers south of town, is called “the Jewel of Sihanoukville” for its pristine, warm waters, nice breeze and the incomparable islands’ view. It is one of the less crowded beaches ofSihanoukville.Sokha Beach: It is located just west of Serendipity Beach. This beach is privately owned by Sokha Beach Hotel.Independence Beach: It is located next to Sokha Beach on its west. The beach was named after the old Independence Hotel. This beach offers a good stretch of clean sand. Situated at the northern end of the beach is Independence Hotel and Koh Pos Beach with a tiny island only 800m off the coast. Koh Pos is known for its rock strewn shoreline and there is a bridge under construction to connect it with firm land.Victory Beach: It is located at the furthest north of the peninsula of Sihanoukville. It was the original backpacker beach and is still popular with budget travelers. At the northern end of the beach is located the deep sea port. Apart from white sand and blue sea, this beach offers a good spot to enjoy the sunset.At the south end of Victory Beach is another small strand of sand called Lamherkey Beach. It is the place where a French/ Cambodian construction team laid groundwork for the construction of the new Port of Kampong Som during the 1950s. At this beach, you can hire a boat to nearby islands.

There are more than a dozen islands off the coast of Sihanoukville for tourists to hop around. Most of them are yet to be developed for an overnight stay with the exception of Bamboo Island or Koh Russei in Khmer. Many guesthouses, restaurants and cafes on Ochheuteal and Serendipity beaches offer trips and packages to these islands. The Don Bosco Hotel can provide information for you on tours.
Koh Rong: It is situated west of the Sihanoukville coast. It offers the fantastic strand of beach on its southwest, stretching about 5 kilometres (3 mi). It has fresh water resources on the island and a bustling fishing community on the southeast with basic supplies including fresh water, fish and crab.

For more information about Koh Rong Island, visit www.kohrongisland.org
Koh Rong Samlon: It is a bit smaller than Koh Rong and situated on its south. Beautiful beaches are on the east coast, where a large heart-shaped bay with some shellfish cultivation is located, and on the north shoreline facing Koh Rong. The marine life around Koh Rong Samloem is very diverse and offers some amazing diving.
Koh Tang: It is located quite far from the main shoreline of Sihanoukville. Going there requires trippers to stay overnight on board. It offers interesting diving spots most of which are not frequently explored. The island is home to a military outpost and travelers should expect to be boarded by military personnel when out at the island.

ATM & Money

You will find several ATM spots and banks along the main tourist areas of the city, especially near the beaches and main avenues like Eakerea Street. You can use your credit card in most hotels and restaurants. Be careful with the use of your credit card as much as you are careful everywhere. Although US dollar is used in the country, try to use the local currency (Riel), because paying in dollars will increase the price of everything you buy. US 1 dollar = About 4 thousand riels.


The city has different kind of markets like popular and supermarkets. The most important is Leu Market at downtown (Makara Street) where you can find food, fruits, handicrafts, clothe, stationary and music. The market is opened since 5:00 until 20:00. Supermarkets are located along the main tourist areas.

Take care…
There are some areas of the city where you have to be careful due to the presence of thieves during the night like near the port or dark and lonely places.
Drug and child prostitution is strictly forbidden in Cambodia. Persons who request for any kind of drug or look for children with sexual purposes, can face prosecution in Cambodia and their own countries. Please contribute in the protection of children. If you see a suspicious event where a child could be a victim of abuse, please call immediately to 012.311.112. Please don’t give money to children at the street or beaches and don’t buy things from children at the beaches during the night.

Cambodia has a high rank of HIV contamination. Please take care.

Take care with water consumption in places with dubious hygienic.

Please keep the number of emergencies with you:


  • Police: 117
  • Ambulance 119 (Sihanoukville), (24 hours to Phnom Penh)
  • Firemen 118 OR


Roads and streets:
NR4: Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville are connected by the National Road 4. The road has been built especially for the transport of merchandise between the capital and the port by heavy trucks and containers. It has three toll stations along.
NR41: It connects Sihanoukville with Kompot province. The road joins the province at Prey Nob district to NR4. It is in a good condition, but poor in traffic signs. Cambodia has not control over cattle and it walks freely over the roads.
NR48: It connects Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh with Koh Kong Province, at the southwest of Cambodia. The road joins also the Thai-Cambodian border. It has two ferries: at Dang Peaeng and at Andoung Tuek.
Streets in Sihanoukville downtown are in good condition. However, the traffic in the city does not follow rules and the enforcement of international norms is poor. Cambodia follows the right-hand traffic. There is an over abundance of motorbikes due to the lack of bus urban transportation and taxis. The city is considered unsafe for driving: drivers of motorbikes have to use helmet, but it is not due to passengers. Drivers use any lane of the street and it is used to see motorbikes with more than two passengers or drive by children and underage persons. In 2008 the government ordered the enforcement of the use of helmets wide the country. The fine for not wearing a helmet is US$1.00 (4000KHR) for tourists or US$0.75 (3000KHR) for locals. However you can freely ride between the hours of 11:00 and 14:00 as the police are either asleep or at lunch. You can only get fined once a day for not wearing a helmet.

Eakereak Street: The main Sihanoukville Avenue that starts in the area of the Port, goes up the Victory Hill, crosses the downtown (Makara Street) and ends at the Two Lions Square.

7 Makara Street: It is properly the center of the city, crossing the Leu Market and the Eakereak Street. A commercial place with businesses, banks, restaurants, hair saloons and many other places.

Oumuy-Oupram Street: It goes from Leu Market to Otres Beaches crossing the new Market (former bus station) and the Don Bosco Technical School and Don Bosco Hotel School.

Occheuteal Beach Street: The street along the beach, starting at the Two Lions Square.

The city does not have an urban system of transportation (buses and taxis). Instead, there is an informal urban transportation in motor-taxis (moto-dups) and tuk-tuks. That urban system of transportation hasn’t got any control from the authorities and anybody can become a motor-taxi or tuk-tuk driver in Sihanoukville (even you). As a consequence, there is no control on the prices for services. Foreign visitors are recommended to concert prices before any of those services and ask for advices from tourist agencies and hotels in order to avoid abuse.

The Kang Keng Airport is located 18 kilometres away from Sihanoukville downtown, along the NR4. Three times a week, a national flight is organized from Sihanoukville to Siem Reap.

The bus station is close to the harbour. From Sihanoukville there are busses to Phnom Penh, Seam Reap, Kampot, Kep, Koh Kong, etc… There are different bus companies offering different types of service. As bus schedule, prices and quality of service changes frequently, please ask the reception for further information. For example busses to Phnom Penh leave several times a day from early in the morning to late in the evening. Prices are US$5 – 10. The ride is 4 – 6 hours. If you inform us in advance we can arrange the bus tickets for you and we can arrange a pick up or drop off at the bus station. Busses generally leave on time and are full so it is advisable to arrange your ticket one day in advance.

Extra information about Sihanoukville and the surrounding areas.

Don Bosco Hotel School uses ARMS®F&B software as a Point of Sale for our restaurant environment. Thanks to this partnership we promote education and training to Cambodian disadvantaged youth

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Excellence: Two years in a row
In 2013 we received the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence. This year we did it again. 2014 Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence.
The International Butler Academy (TIBA), located in The Netherlands is a unique, exclusive and professional butling and house management school.


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