The Don Bosco Hotel School has a 2-years program with 40% theory and 60% practice enabling the students to find more easily a job. The educational program is recognized by the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training and is divided into four sections:

Food & beverage:
Introduction to hospitality and catering; commodities and Equipment; guidelines to Hygiene and safety at work; customer relations and guest service: behavior, personal grooming; the waiters workplace; restaurant/table set up; different styles of service; service sequence from welcoming the guest to presenting the bill; kitchen terminology; awareness of food, wine, beer, and spirit products.

Cooking methods; kitchen equipment; machinery and utensils, as well as recipe costing and kitchen procedures; use of European and Asian ingredients; preparation techniques and knife skills; preparation of basic stocks, soups, dishes, sauces and bakery & pastry products; kitchen terminology; nutrition studies; hygiene management and F&B control.

Front Office:
Nature and structure of the hotel industry; all basic front office procedures: Reservations, check-in and check out of guests, how to welcome guests, how to answer the phone, provide information to the guests, deal with complaints, call a taxi, arrange tickets for public transport means, occupancy and rate management, security, relation with the housekeeping department, and related guest services, law and regulations relating to the hotels.

Cleanliness is one of the most important features a hotel offers its guests. Importance of housekeeping in general and the different cleaning duties: Self presentation; be able to interact with guests politely; tasks and duties of the housekeeping; housekeeping work and organization; standards in cleaning a guest room; how to prepare the rooms, the beds and the different room amenities; room types; chemicals – ecology – safe environment; equipment-material cleaning; how to respect security rules; security procedures to follow in case of fire.

    If you wish to apply to Don Bosco Hotel School you have to fulfill the following requirements:
        • Orphans, students from a poor background or a family with many children have priority
        • Age from 16 to 22
        • Candidates must have passed at least the 9th grade
        • Candidates should have a good attitude, be willing to learn, work hard, be motivated and respectful and love hotel service
        • Respecting school rules is highly valued
        • Candidates must be single and not studying at university
        • Both male and female applicants are welcome.

For more information please contact:

Phone: 016-919-834