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Tourism is becoming one of the most important and fast growing industries in Cambodia. The Don Bosco Hotel School created and managed by the Don Bosco Foundation was inaugurated in 2007 by His Majesty, the King Norodom Sihamoni. It catches up with this promising trend and in the same time it supports the disadvantaged Cambodian youth in providing them a thorough education in the hospitality business.

The Don Bosco Hotel School is not just a school but also a real hotel where the students learn on job cooking, food & beverage, housekeeping and front office. Qualified and experienced teachers provide education. In addition, Cambodian and volunteer teachers from all over the world teach English, tourism and computer skills.

The program runs over two years and includes beside theoretical education a lot of practice within the classes and serving the guests. As an extra on job training we send our students for a three months internship to first class hotels and resorts all over Cambodia. Since 2007 more than 400 students have completed the 2 years program. At present, the hotel school has 150 students (90 first year, 60 second year). After having passed successfully the final exam, students receive an officially recognized certificate.

The Don Bosco Hotel School responds to the needs of the poorest of Cambodian youth by offering them a high quality professional education that prepares them for work and for life, with benefit not only to Cambodia but potentially to other societies as well. Candidates from the Don Bosco Hotel and School are eminently employable in a globalized world.

Don Bosco Hotel and School, therefore, sees its mission as a direct response to poverty through holistic professional education, which transforms its students, reaches out to their families, and helps to improve society. It does this by appealing to the inner gifts of the young, and by emphasizing spiritual and human values of generosity, joy, responsible service, belief in self and believe in God.

In being our guest in the hotel belonging to the Don Bosco Hotel School you help the Cambodian youth as the income generated is reinvested in the students' education.

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PO BOX 9406, GROUP 13,

Tel:+855 34 934 478;
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Mobile: +855 16 919834